How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit With Strategies – Learn my Powerful Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies that Makes Money every time I Buy & Sell

I am an active trader who focuses on local stocks, international stocks and cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum and Litecoin. These are my biggest profit makers as far as investing is concerned, at least the diversifications offered by these asset classes makes me find several opportunities to trade while hedging against the bearish trend in one market.

Today, I will be sharing my strategies and how I have been trading the bitcoin since 2017 using the same tactics I shared in my video course.

Someone sent a mail to me and asked “Oge, beyond stock, where else can I apply the strategy you shared in your video? it’s quite interesting, practical and usable”. When I read his mail, I was quite shocked, why, you may ask? because as of the time I opened the mail, I was already concluding an alternative investment option you can also explore the stock trading strategy I shared in that video on.

For subscribers that bought and had already watched the video, it might interest you to know that the step by step blueprint works perfectly well on Cryptocurrencies too, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Etherum.

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit With The Technical Strategy

Lets’ start with the Bitcoin price on a longterm chart:

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

From the chart above, you see how the 3 indicators were so perfect in predicting the bullish strength that drove bitcoin from less $1000 to $20,000 before the historic crash that started in February 2018. Did you know that before bitcoin price nose-dived, the indicators had already pointed that price was already overbought?

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Bitcoin on a long-term is a no-go area for me; if you are asking for a trade advice or whether to buy and hold for next 3 – 6 months, I would recommend that you send a “SELL MANDATE” to your broker or bitcoin agent. The emerging bearish crossover isn’t what you would bear when price crashes further from the current level of $7,600 to $3500, an estimated 50% possible loss if it eventually occurs.

But if you are looking to play in the Bitcoin space in a matter of days, weeks or maximum, a month, then you can read on to see an opportunity that had just opened an alternative profit potential in the financial market.

Let’s drill down further to the weekly chart:

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

Using the strategy I shared in my video, you will also discover that the same bitcoin that is a no-go area for short-medium term trader, is actually oversold on a weekly chart; the price fell sharply last month (May 2018) to a key support level ($7,300-$7500), this is the third time price will test that level before retracement. As of this update, bitcoin is up by 0.28% to $7,686.5.

Since I am only looking for a bullish opportunity to cash in on as a swing trader, let’s drill down again to see what is happening on the daily chart for a better entry.

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

Wao! Can you see what I just saw now? There is a bullish sign on the daily chart, two indicators are already pointing to a possible increase in the coming days while the third is catching up. In my video, I showed which of the indicators is a leading indicator to pay more attention to.

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Let’s also look the bitcoin cash price:

How I Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit

All indicators are also pointing to an upward trend in the bitcoin cash market.

My trade decision right now is to wait for a perfect signal like I shared on how to trade like a sniper and buy more bitcoin and bitcoin cash from Nairaex and load into Bitcoin Wallet, at least while I wait for the overall stock market index to reverse its strong bearish trend, bitcoin may be my next perfect alternative trading options. The trading risk at this time is still high because the third (3) indicator is yet to fully confirm but the reversal on the weekly is what I am “banking on” to execute my order.

So, I would advise you to wait until DMI shows a bullish cross on bitcoin chart and allocate a maximum of 20% of your cash into the cryptocurrency market if want to be aggressive, for risk-averse, go for 10% but like I said,  sell off in days, or weeks.

I hope you found this guide on how I trade bitcoin for serious profit useful and if you thinking of upgrading your skill on how to trade stocks and bitcoin for profit, click here to get my video course.

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