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CCNN stock price
Company Analysis

At What Price Will CCNN Stock Turnaround?

Nothing puts a smile on one’s face like a high- flying growth stock. Not only will stock in your portfolio that has returned 100%, 200% or even 500% help you build wealth faster but it also makes up for several losing stocks. While this makes high-growth stock appealing, how can one spot such an opportunity …

access bank shares.PNG
Company Analysis

Is The New Access Bank Destined for Greatness?

Investors love banking stocks that beat the market index without getting ahead of its financials or risking sell-off on overvaluation. In this financial analysis, we looked at the new Access bank, short term chart analysis, and basic banking metrics to check if the recent financials support strong price growth. What we’re looking for? We will …

Mutual Funds, Treasury Bills, Bonds, etc Stock Trading Strategies

This Short term Investment Strategy Offers Higher Return above T-Bills

Short term Investment Opportunity in Nigeria with High Returns 2019 – Best High Yield Investment Options to Make Guaranteed Income from Nigeria Stock Market. Short-term investments, also known as liquid investments, are investments that mature in 6 months to 1 year. Unlike long-term investments, which is believed to offer higher yield over time, short-term investments …

Best Stocks to Buy and Hold In Nigeria 2019
Company Analysis Mutual Funds, Treasury Bills, Bonds, etc Personal Finance Stock Trading Strategies

Top 7 Stocks That Could Offer Mouth Watering Returns in 2019

Best Stocks to Buy and Hold In Nigeria 2019 – Banking and Insurance Stock Recommendations In Nigeria – Best Performing Dividend IncomeStocks To Invest Your Money. Nigeria still relies on oil as a key revenue driver but this year, the energy market has had an insignificant impact on the country’s stock market index, down year to …

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