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I’ll be honest… It still surprises me to see so many investors today putting their money in 4-5% annual return opportunities like treasury bills and fixed deposit. Why settle for these mediocre returns when you can beat the market by investing in fundamentally sound, high-return select stocks?

Listen, it’s not complicated or time-consuming to grow your portfolio, quicker by investing in the right companies at the right time and at a fair price.

This is what I do every month here at – scan over 150 stocks and alert you on the best companies to buy for short term profit.

Join thousands of investors like you and use our simple strategy to beat the market with returns like 50%+ on Access Bank, 74% on Jaiz Bank and 45% on UBA, and I want to invite you to become a Pro member.

You won’t have to spend countless hours learning complex fundamental analysis, stock charts or technical jargon. My job is to bring you the best stocks for your hard-earned capital. That’s why my team and I roll up our sleeves and analyze each and every company on Nigeria stock exchange over and over again, before selecting those worth a spot on our Buy Lists. Part of the secret to our success is my secret screening system. It’s what I use to hand-pick stocks you see on this platform.

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