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How I Make Money from US Stocks – See Screenshots

make money from us stocks

The opportunity that I’m about to share with you could be the surest information you need to diversify and profit from the US stock market, week on week or month on month. In fact, it’s so profitable that I bet big on a stock using other people’s money – you are strongly advised to start with your own money.

If you are familiar with stock trading, you should know that capital appreciation is the most sort after strategies to multiplying your money in the market; this method requires one to pick a stock he or she thinks is undervalued relative to its fair value, buy at a low price and wait for an increase.

This idea works on every market, developing and emerging stock market. Unfortunately, we have experienced the opposite in the Nigeria stock market in the last 12 months. As of this update, my overall return on investment in the market is in the negative territory (-12%) with further downside expected; no thanks to the FGN and CBN’s never-ending unpredictable policies and political uncertainties.

In order to cut down overall losses on my combined equity portfolio, I have doubled-down on foreign equities (US stocks) by sourcing additional funds from some of my close friends, selected blog subscribers so that I can take advantage of the cash margin offered by my US stockbroker.

As of this update, I have closed 10 winning trades with each netting me an average of 20% return. I settled for a moderate 20% return so that I can easily compound my returns in 6 months to 1 year.

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Here is a screenshot of my US stock brokerage account showing 2 of the 10 winning trades in my account history:

This stock market profits were boosted by margin trades; leverage that lets you borrow money from your stockbroker so you can buy more shares with less. For instance, if you opt for 1:5, it means you can use 5x whatever you are investing in the stock market. Let’s say you invested $200, it means you can buy $1,000 worth of shares in a company and if the price goes up by 10%, you will earn 50% return on your money or vice versa.

I don’t advise anyone to start trading US stocks like this unlike you have mastered the profit system I discussed in my video training.

The profit system focus on:

  • scanning 5000 stocks in less than 5 minutes.
  • pick top-performing stocks that have doubled in price.
  • wait for temporary sell-offs and buy before an uptrend resumes.
  • sell at 20-30% return.

Let us take a look at each of the recently closed trades.

CDLX – Cardlytics

This company uses purchase intelligence to make marketing more relevant and measurable. So far, they have partnered with more than 2,000 financial institutions to run their banking rewards programs that promote customer loyalty and deepen banking relationships.

On a year to date basis, the stock has returned 154%. Using my trading system, I spotted this stock when it was temporarily down to $24 (after a major rally).

ADVM – Adverum Biotechnologies

This stock is a publicly-traded biotechnology company in the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index that is focused on diseases of the eye. This includes macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, diabetic macular oedema, and others.

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On a year to date basis, this stock has ballooned by an incredible 360%, from a low of $3.38 to a recent high of $15.58 as of my last check. My profit system spotted this stock when it was temporarily down, I jumped in at $11.16 and sold at $13.4, that’s like a 20% return in 10 days.

Ongoing Trades:

I have also deployed this profit system to scout for foreign stocks that can deliver an average of 20% return in days or weeks without the complex financial statement analysis and here are my recent stock picks and their respective performances so far:

One of the key metrics my profit system watch out for is the performance of stocks from the beginning of the year up to date.

  • EverQuote Inc – This stock has delivered 195% on a year to date basis
  • Intellicheck Inc – This stock is up by 156% in the last 6 months
  • Innovative Industrial Properties – This stock is up by 177% in the last 6 months
  • Prevention Bio Inc – This stock has skyrocketed by a whopping 543% since January 2019.
  • Roku Inc – This media stock has delivered 217% in the last 6 months

The Common Links:

If you look at each of the stocks I mentioned in this analysis, you will notice that they are not only high flying stocks but have doubled in prices which means that investors who keyed in early this year are already smiling to the bank.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to wait for 6 months or 1 year to earn returns like this? With the power of compound return and zero fees per trade, I sell at 20% return, buy another high-flying stock that is temporarily down with the profit re-invested and earn compound returns.

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The US stock market is big and liquid enough to make you millions if you understand investor’s psychology, sentiments and price pattern. Leave the financial analysis for Wallstreet, focus on my profit system which already factors in all the revenue projections, EPS, growth expectations and fair value in 3 simple steps.

Lest I forget, I had just taken a second look at my portfolio after 2 days and here is the performance:

If you like to connect with me one on one so I can coach you, show you, hand over this profit system video course to you while you receive my latest stocks alert, join my private members’ Whatsapp group via the link below:

I am interested in your US stock strategy

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