4 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Big Profit Trading Crypto.

mistakes traders make

Yesterday, I reviewed my trade performance, how far I have grown my capital of $1,400 to over $6,000 in the last 3-4 months of active trading in the cryptocurrency market, all I can is that It’s been a progressive journey so far. But here is the point, while I was looking at the strategy behind my swift double-digit return, I also noted 4 key mistakes traders make in the crypto market that cost them millions of Naira.

Even if you trade the stock market, these mistakes also qualify as valid reasons you haven’t been as profitable as you should.

Before I discuss these errors, let’s quickly look at how I have outperformed bitcoin price in the last 30 days, and on a month to date. In this period under review, the most popular crypto is up by 48.4% and 24.8% respectively while my crypto trading portfolio has delivered over 146.25% and 64.2% in the same period.

This isn’t magical but a result of the lesson learnt from the 4 mistakes traders when they venture into the cryptocurrency market.

In this video, I share these 4 errors and how you can void them to earn bigger returns.

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