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How I Follow Latest Nigerian Stock Market News & Company Report

Latest Nigerian Stock Market News & Financial Report – Follow Recent Happenings in NSE Trading Market, Top Gainers & Losers and Quarterly Results of Stocks

Investing in the stock market is like a sowing a seed on a farmland, you need to consistently monitor your investment, track the growth and follow events that could affect your expected return. But, how do you cut through the noise, keep up with latest company/market updates? this is a question you can’t afford to ignore if you must protect your capital from possible loss arising from market sell-offs.

Successful stock market investors don’t just analyse and pick great growth stocks with upside potential but also have a system that lets them follow all the companies they have shares in to avoid being taken unawares. A few weeks ago, a good number investors sold their shares to take profit which dragged some of my profitable stocks to month-low,¬†but because I follow these stocks and didn’t get any alert of fundamental news, I had to load more units as I felt reversal isn’t far again.

For instance, Investors in Japaul Oil are currently not happy as the price of the oil stock tanked to a lower level after it posted 2 weeks gain on the back of additional¬†fund injection by Milost Global which eventually turned soar as the private equity firm battles with litigations in New York and authenticity of its business acquisition model. This, plus the negative shareholders’ fund on the company’s statement of financial position is a major factor the could affect investors’ perception about Japaul Oil Plc in short to medium term.

If you are a shareholder and have not been following this update on top business news websites, you may not know why Japaul share price is falling and such would think there is a hope of a reversal in short-term.

I shared this to let you know that following latest Nigerian stock market news and recent happenings in the market isn’t the job of a financial analyst or stockbrokers but everyone who is fully invested in the stock market. I receive daily updates and alert directly to my email whenever a company I have shares in is mentioned in top newspaper headlines online.

As of this writing, SEPLAT plc has just notified the NSE market of its upcoming board meeting where they will be discussing the company’s Q1, 2018 financial result and the possibility of an interim dividend. This information was sent to my inbox because I own SEPLAT stock. I get updates like this on every stock I own without necessarily buying BusinessDay Nigeria newspapers every day.

The major reason you shouldn’t buy a stock and go to sleep is that there might be breaking news that relates to your company and such news could crash your stock price due to a possible impact on the company’s earnings or growth potential.

Would you like to follow all updates or get the latest news on your selected stocks directly to your email? Follow me as I share you how to explore Google search traffic tools for profitable stock market investing.

  1. Go to Google.comGoogle search is the biggest information library in the world. I use the tools provided by this search engine to make trade easier by exploring the news feature and alert system.On the search field, enter “Google Alert”
  2. Go to Google.com/Alert

Google Alert lets you monitor key news and interest contents around the web. I use this to track all latest news and corporate updates on stocks I own.

Latest Nigerian Stock Market News

  • Let’s how I to set up news on your stock.
    • Enter the name of the company you want to track.
    • Click “Create Alert”.
    • You can also explore the “Show options” to select how often you want the news to be delivered, your preferred sources, language, country and email address where the news will be sent to.


Following news like this brings flexibility as you don’t need to spend on business and financial newspapers, or stay glued to your screen or smartphone every time; you read when your stock is mentioned.

Please try it and share your comments.

Hi!, I am Oge, a freelance stock research analyst. I am here to share practical little known stock market and related investment opportunities you can bank on. If you want to be among the 1% of investors that make a real profit from Nigeria stock market, do visit this blog for independent stock analysis and price forecast. I use stock data and chart analysis to help first-timers learn stock market investing, pick the right stocks and become profitable traders. When I am not trading stock, I spend my free time studying Rhapsody of Realities.

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