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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Let’s Grow Your Stock Market Returns Faster

Happy new year to my esteemed and loyal readers, I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays? Well, I overfed myself with Nkowbi and some freshly made juice wine, all thanks to my wife.

In the last years, I have dished out stock recommendation, weekly analysis and alerts on this blog to you my readers and I have laughed and rejoiced over the results some of you guys have gotten, especially the ones that had recouped their losses in previous years. I have also received emails, comments, WhatsApp messages of some of your trade successes as a result of my stock recommendation, see below some of the testimonials:

And another one here

And here is another feedback:

This year, I have decided to put together a team of analyst, provide a more updated stock recommendation, build an app and a company. I know this is a lot but in the last 2 years, I and a couple of other guys have been building an app called Finvestor, you can check the Beta-testing version of the app out on the google play store only for now, here.

In preparation for the launch of the App, we are introducing premium to this blog, the NSB Premium will provide the following value,

  1. Access to my exclusive stock picks including entry and modest exit price.
  2. Guaranteed 25% increase in your portfolio value year on year.
  3. Priority access to Breakouts, trends and stocks to quickly mop up.
  4. Access to Stock market videos and tutorials.
  5. Access to webinars and online workshops.
  6. Access to investment club membership (watch out for this)
  7. Weekly stock newsletters.

These are the benefits my team and I have put together this year for blog subscribers that upgrade to the premium plan here, The first 100 people in the premium members will become early birds of our investment club.

As a new year present, I will be hosting a webinar on How to Screen for Winning Stocks in the Nigeria Stock Market.

In this investing webinar, I will personally show you how to cut through all the daily stock price fluctuations, ignore the market noise and narrow your focus to the strongest stocks with the biggest profit potential.

You will learn how I pick stocks that will appreciate by 20, 30 or even 50%, get in early before others and sell at higher prices to latecomers (using 3 stocks I recommended for 2021)

This webinar is FREE for existing premium members, kindly click the subscribe button to join our exclusive community of profitable investors.

Click the subscribe button to join premium plan


  1. Please can you make available alternative method of payments for those without bank cards. Also, will the new app be available on IOS?

  2. I have been following you since 2017 and i have never regretted knowing you. i followed your recommendation ON Japaul and i made 253% within 3 weeks. I was greedy anyway,i would have made 437%. i have learnt my lessons anyway. You a rare gem.Keep it up

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