How to Earn a Living Off your Investment

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15 thoughts on “How to Earn a Living Off your Investment

  • This is an eye opener. Thanks Oge.

    • Thank you so much, Sir… I appreciate your honest feedback.

  • Thank you Oge for the financial literacy you frequently provide to the public

  • Insightful writeup. Well done.

    Please I need information on the trusted agritech businesses you referred to.

  • Kindly recommended genuine Agric-TECH investment opportunities to me. I am interested. Thanks

    Deacon. Ugbaja

    • Please recommend Agric tech investment opportunities

      • I will an update soon!

  • It is an interesting piece for guys in active service and those nearing retirement.

  • Good read and very informative, always a pleasure reading your article, more grace chief

  • Great piece Oge. Thanks! You didn’t take into consideration the fees, mostly hidden fees charged by stockbrokers. How about taxation? Withholding tax, value added tax the investor would have to part with?

    • Thank you for the feedback Sir, I think the fee isn’t significant enough to drawdown your return.

  • Insightful write up, but getting a good fintech agricultural company is scarce

  • i need trusted Agric-tech to invest with.
    thanks brother

  • Very informative, highly educative. Thank you for sharing.

  • This is an eye-opening and a recommended piece for everyone desiring to know how best to allocate assets and earn income passively both in the immediate and future time.

    Agric-tech is fast becoming an asset class of choice for retail investors for two reasons: it helps you earn regular and reasonably higher fixed returns more than what you get from the traditional fixed-income investments. Secondly, it offers a relative level of safety of investment due to the agric insurance cover that many of them take on their farm projects.

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