How I Pick Crypto to Trade

This is a follow up on the stock market trading trick that’s actually pulling the awesome result in the cryptocurrency market. In my last post (see here), I revealed the exact strategy and the profit generated after 4 -5 days of trading the coin market.

Well! this is the last post I’d share here because this blog only focuses on Nigeria stocks. If you are interested in my live trade setups and crypto alerts, go to, my newest platform for crypto traders.

Here is a video of the 2 Crypto’s I was watching last week before they eventually dropped to my buy zone. My buy zone is that region where I have multiple indicators confirming an oversold crypto.

Watch the video here before I show you how the crypto recovered and staging a rally from that exact region after 2 weeks of intense sell-offs.

As you’ve watched, the two cryptos are WAVESBNB and WAVESETH.

As of this writeup, I had just placed a buy order on these cryptos.

Here is the chart of WavesBNB:

You can see how the crypto pulled back to its support level before recovering significantly at the region, up by 6.26% on the daily chart.

This trade is still ongoing and if you are looking for crypto to jump on right now – buy WAVESBNB and WAVESETH for 20-25% ROI.

The secret to making money from the crypto market is to scan for the best momentum crypto, wait for pull back and buy at the bottom of the market.

So if you are an existing stock trader, you can make juicy returns from the crypto market with this strategy and the good part is that I will do the analysis while you copy my picks at – members-only access.

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