This Stock to Buy is Among the Bullish Leaders in the Insurance Sector

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In just seven weeks, we will be saying our goodbye to 2019 but one thing remains sticky in our mind as investors, it wasn’t a favourable year for the stock market, full of patches, ups and down and unimpressive index performance, no thanks to economic and policy uncertainties. The broad-based NSE index is down by Read More …

jaiz bank

Why You Should Buy Jaiz Bank’s Stock Before It Rises Further

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Several banking stocks have slumped in the last 2 years amid concerns about CBN’s uncertain and tight regulation of the banking sector but Jaiz bank is one the few financial stocks that had proven that it’s business model is not just resilient but stands defensive against regulatory challenges confronting it peers. Jaiz Bank PLC provides Read More …

Why Access Bank’s Stock Could Appreciate More

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As stocks have gone back to near their all-time low prices, banking stocks are trading lower compared to their 2017 peaks which present relatively bargain opportunities for medium to long term buyers seeking capital appreciations. While looking at the charts of all the top tier banks on monthly timeframe, I discovered interesting investing opportunities on Read More …

3 Reasons You Should Trade US Stocks & How to Start

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The US stock market is dubbed the largest and most liquid exchange in the world with a market capitalization comfortably sitting above $50 billion. The exchange “houses” some of the best, finest and fast-growing global brands across different sectors like consumer, energy, financials, health care, industrial, IT, materials, real estate, telcos, and utilities. Beyond the Read More …

This Short term Investment Strategy Offers Higher Return above T-Bills

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Short term Investment Opportunity in Nigeria with High Returns 2019 – Best High Yield Investment Options to Make Guaranteed Income from Nigeria Stock Market. Short-term investments, also known as liquid investments, are investments that mature in 6 months to 1 year. Unlike long-term investments, which is believed to offer higher yield over time, short-term investments Read More …

Best Stocks to Buy and Hold In Nigeria 2019

Top 7 Stocks That Could Offer Mouth Watering Returns in 2019

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Best Stocks to Buy and Hold In Nigeria 2019 – Banking and Insurance Stock Recommendations In Nigeria – Best Performing Dividend IncomeStocks To Invest Your Money. Nigeria still relies on oil as a key revenue driver but this year, the energy market has had an insignificant impact on the country’s stock market index, down year to Read More …