Buying These 2 Stocks Could Give You 20% Return

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8 thoughts on “Buying These 2 Stocks Could Give You 20% Return

  • Thank you for this analysis on capital appreciation. But can we till buy stocks in this lock down period

  • Why not? But you need to cut down your profit expectation and play safe. Price and Volume analysis are critical to your success.

    • Thank you very much. Lets see what happens by tomorrow. please can you explain a safe net for volume

      • There is no specific units of shares traded to justify volume in the stock market. I use Relative Volume, a tool that lets you compare the current volume of shares traded against the average in the last 30, or 90 days. This will help you spot stocks that are attracting inventors’ interest.

  • Good morning, is it advisable to buy some of these stocks at the current price, Lafarge Wapco, Cadbury, GTBank and Zenith Bank. I considered these stocks as a turnaround stock with more potential for growth in the short run.

  • These stocks have been trending up lately, so I think they have more upside potentials.

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