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6 Months From Now, You’ll Probably Wish You Grabbed These Nigeria Stocks

Best Stock Recommendations to Buy in Nigeria Stock Exchange

I hear it over and over from investors, “I wish I had bought UCAP, Zenith Bank, UBA, Dangote Cement, Seplat or FCMB stock when they were first recommended by Oge, I would be sitting on a huge cash profit in my bank account by now!” And it’s true.

At the peak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, if you had bought MTN when I sent a “buy alert” at N90.5, you’d be up 82.3%

If you had bought UCAP and FCMB when I sent a “buy alert” at N3.01 and N1.9, you’d be up 104% and 67%. 

If you had bought Zenith and Dangote Cement when I sent a “buy alert” at N18.05 and N144, you’d be up 31.8% and 59%

If you had bought Presco when I sent a “buy alert” at N60.5, you’d be up 25.6%

If you had also created a portfolio of these 3 stocks in January 2021 – UCAP, Honeywell and Lasaco – you should be up, 20%+ and outperformed the NSE index negative return of -4% on YTD.

If you have invested in Seplat when I sent a “buy alert” at N490 in January 2021, even though I had keyed in it at less price, you’d still be up 42%

If you had invested in Total when I recommended the oil stock at N190-184 in September 2021, you should pocket a 31.5% return.

Or Did you miss my early stock picks for 2022 on my YouTube channel, Guinness, Academy Press or Transcorp? These stock collections have generated an average combined return of 100% in 2 months.

These are a few of the “best stock recommendations to buy” I have shared from my many profitable signals, both on this blog and with students in my private training course.

Best Stock Recommendations to Buy in Nigeria Stock Exchange

Don’t look back 6 months or 1 year from now, regretting that you failed to act or maybe you didn’t receive my stock newsletter, Simply look forward to my next ready-made stocks that are screaming buy before they appreciate in 3 – 6 months.


Personally researched and selected by me, GlobFolio Ready-made stock portfolio by Oge lift the burden of choosing your next growth stocks from you. All you need to do is contact your stockbroker or log in to your online stock trading account and buy the basket of my recommended stocks – and you’re ready to fly in the next 3 – 6 months.

I already know that the hardest part of trading stocks in the Nigerian market is knowing what to buy, when to buy and how to sell for profit. The NSB Ready-made portfolio has been designed to help you hit the ground running from day one.

Are your GlobFolio Ready-made stocks for me?

I designed this high-return investing product for people who:

  • Want to buy high-flying stocks but don’t know how to find them

  • Are busy at their 9-5 jobs, have better things to do than checking stock prices every day

  • Aren’t interested in investments or the stock market but still want to earn returns above Treasury bill or savings rate year on year.

  • Would feel more comfortable with a profitable trader that knows how to make money in the stock market

Important information

Once you’ve invested in my GlobFolio Ready-made stocks, responsibility for managing it rests with you since I don’t have access to your account. So you need to be sure you have the patience, and confidence to hold each of the stocks for at least 3 – 6 months. And the stocks I have chosen are a guidance only – not a personal recommendation. Remember, too, that the value of investments can change and you could see it go down before it goes up again, but I have tried to build a basket of stocks that will most likely outperform the market index.

How does the GlobFolio Ready-made stock picks work?

The GlobFolio Ready-made portfolio is a collection of high-growth stocks that are posting double-digit returns on sales, profits, cash flow and share prices with clear signs of bullish momentum in the coming months. Each of the stocks I drop in this basket every month MUST tick my checklist with no room for emotions or guesswork.>

The first step – market scan

When building GlobFolio Ready-made stocks, the first step to decide on what to add is to run a full scan of the market for top-performing stocks BANKS, FUND MANAGER and INVESTMENT HOUSES are buying more than their peers. Put simply, I look for companies that are already attracting attention with PROVEN results.

So how do I work out the stocks to add to my basket?

I begin by crunching the numbers to find the ones that are among the top 20% in their industry. I do this by analysing their trailing twelve-month and quarterly results against previous comparable periods, then weed out the underperformers.

And to make sure the stocks I add to the GlobFolio Ready-made portfolio is of the highest quality, I only pick profitable companies that are generating enough cash to cover interest expenses, pay their short-term obligation and still have enough funds to boost shareholders’ value.

This is surely a painstaking process for me but I am glad it makes me confident about every company I pick.

The next step – picking the stocks

Once I build a watchlist, the next stage is to screen for the stocks that are down and trading at bargain prices based on a combination of 8 HIGHLY ACCURATE and TIMELY market watching tools that have GENERATED STRONG BUY SIGNALS in each of the stocks I mentioned above.

How do I get started?

All you need to get started with my ready-made basket of stock picks, from which I only share 1 or 2 recommendations with my 2,000+ newsletter subscribers, is to subscribe to the GlobFolio community (N30,000 ) after which I will personally add you to our shared Google spreadsheet so you top your portfolio with our selected stocks.

I am available for a chat on Whatsapp, +2348084219399.

What happens next?

Keep in mind I’ve designed the portfolio to be held for 3 – 6 months. However, I also review my selections if there is any material change that could impact share price from time to time.

Membership Bonus (Worth: N10,490)


In This Insightful Book, You’ll Discover:

  • The ultimate stock trading and investing strategies that work in the Nigerian stock market.

  • How to build a portfolio of profitable stocks that can spike by 50%, 100% and 250% (with examples)

  • Why waiting for financial statements isn’t entirely reliable and the 5 powerful data that tells you which sector is the hottest to buy your next stocks.

  • The simple technique to quickly scan the Nigerian stock market for explosive stocks as well as the exact price range to buy your selected stocks.

  • The easiest way to determine risk levels on your stock picks and quickly sell to avoid loss when the market turns against you.

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