3 Growth Stocks You Should Add to Your Portfolio in 2020

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2 thoughts on “3 Growth Stocks You Should Add to Your Portfolio in 2020

  • Your inclusion of jazz bank is not very good.A stock that has not paid dividend for the past five years and a growth projection that is inconsistent. In fact,in today’s stock market,any stock not paying dividends is a bad stock hence not good for Investment.Stock like, wema bank,cornerstone,caverton etc,fall into this group,be guide of “pump and dump of shares” by promoters

    • Hello Sir, thank you for sharing your concerns – I see that you are a dividend investor, the stocks you mentioned have delivered more gains than their dividend counter parts – while I love dividend too, capital appreciation remains one of the way to make more money from the stock market.

      Jaiz bank mgt has promised to pay her first dividend next year 2020 – despite the non-payment in the past 5 years, the stock has topped a lot of large cap stocks in terms of capital appreciation.

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