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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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3 Hot Stocks to Buy Before January 2021

You don’t need millions of Naira to trade stocks. What you really need to the right strategy and I bet you, your small capital can grow into thousands, then millions as long as you don’t allow you emotion get tied to market volatility.

One thing I have resolved to do in 2021 is to be more active on my YouTube channel, so expect more videos on stocks and cryptocurrency trading.

As a beginner, you may think the stock market is very risky but you know what? that risk of losing money would have been significantly reduced if you had followed my recommendations on this blog. At least, I can boldly say that we have achieved 45 – 50% + ROI trading local stocks in 2020, dwarfing Treasury Bill and Bonds.

If you are looking forward to a good start in 2021, here are my top 3 penny stocks to buy before January 2021.

One of these stocks rewarded shareholders with a whopping return of 97%, 82% and 48% on a year to date, 6-month and 3-month while the other appreciated by 36%, 36% and 25% and the third generated 24.2%, 24.2% and 35%, all in the same period

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Hi!, I am Oge, a freelance stock research analyst. I am here to share practical little known stock market and related investment opportunities you can bank on. If you want to be among the 1% of investors that make a real profit from Nigeria stock market, do visit this blog for independent stock analysis and price forecast. I use stock data and chart analysis to help first-timers learn stock market investing, pick the right stocks and become profitable traders. When I am not trading stock, I spend my free time studying Rhapsody of Realities.


  1. Thank you Oge, I made almost 150k since I came in contact with you, I hope to make 10M come 2021…
    Since I subscribed I forgot all the losses way back 2015
    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Oge. Your contributions through your WhatsApp group and your blog is amazing. For those that are following you, I will say ” He that hath an ear, let him hear… Rev 2:11”.

    Although I am not a momentum trader for now, but ever since I started following you on both your blog and WhatsApp group for more than two years, all the stocks that suggest for a Bull run always crystallised. Even an inexperienced investor/trader can make much money by applying your suggested stocks but provided such are purchased at the right time without much time lag.

    You are a blessing to humanity. Let God continue blessing you, broaden and sharpen your Technical and Fundamental analysis skills the more in year 2021 and beyond.

    Merry Christmas and a fruitful Happy New Year in advance.

  3. Nice article. Thanks for the recommendation
    I even saw your video in YouTube. Very good work. I’ll be sure to invest in all three penny stocks.

    However, do you know any trusted stockbroker I can use?
    Which one do you use?

  4. Great recommendations. All three stocks have made positive growth within 2 market days already.
    However, LASACO has a big hurdle to climb especially as it has approached its year high of 0.38k
    I’ll keep my eyes on it.

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