1 Breakout Stock You Can Still Buy Before Year End.

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8 thoughts on “1 Breakout Stock You Can Still Buy Before Year End.

  • Oge, good one .Thanks

    • You are welcome Sir

  • Great stuff Oge. Very insightful. Many thanks for the selfless work you do here. I appreciate.

    • Thank you so much Sir!

  • I have been following your calls, you have been spot on in most cases I must admit. I am usually wary of buying when a stock is at a year high but I am going to follow through on this one!

    • Hi Cerebro, I appreciate your feedback. You are very correct! Buying at the top requires careful analysis and prudent entry; that’s why I’d advise you buy with a maximum of 30% of your investible funds, then average down on pullbacks to the 20-day SMA, this way you ride the bull.

      Flourmill is set for another wave of rally after breakout.

  • Hi Oge, do you mind clarifying what the price is on pull-back to 20-day sma? Thanks.

  • Nice one, Org. Thanks.
    Still waiting for good Agric-tech investment opportunity.
    Please recommend a reliable and good dividend paying one

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