Why Access Bank’s Stock Could Appreciate More

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As stocks have gone back to near their all-time low prices, banking stocks are trading lower compared to their 2017 peaks which present relatively bargain opportunities for medium to long term buyers seeking capital appreciations. While looking at the charts of all the top tier banks on monthly timeframe, I discovered interesting investing opportunities on Read More …

3 Reasons You Should Trade US Stocks & How to Start

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The US stock market is dubbed the largest and most liquid exchange in the world with a market capitalization comfortably sitting above $50 billion. The exchange “houses” some of the best, finest and fast-growing global brands across different sectors like consumer, energy, financials, health care, industrial, IT, materials, real estate, telcos, and utilities. Beyond the Read More …

CCNN stock price

At What Price Will CCNN Stock Turnaround?

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Nothing puts a smile on one’s face like a high- flying growth stock. Not only will stock in your portfolio that has returned 100%, 200% or even 500% help you build wealth faster but it also makes up for several losing stocks. While this makes high-growth stock appealing, how can one spot such an opportunity Read More …

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Is The New Access Bank Destined for Greatness?

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Investors love banking stocks that beat the market index without getting ahead of its financials or risking sell-off on overvaluation. In this financial analysis, we looked at the new Access bank, short term chart analysis, and basic banking metrics to check if the recent financials support strong price growth. What we’re looking for? We will Read More …