My Little Stock Market Secrets That Make Big Money Consistently


This book contains practical and actionable step by step strategies with live market data, financial analysis and tools to completely avoid losing stocks and pick top-performing stocks that will rise in 3-6 months.

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When people contact me, the next question I hear is, what do you think about stock A, Stock B or Stock C?“. Well, my simple answer has always been “I haven’t reviewed the stock”. The truth is, when you ask such question, it quickly tells me “you are still a stock market gambler, not a trader”; you pick stocks randomly and don’t have a standard trading strategy.

As a gambler, your chance of winning to losing in the stock market is 50-50. You win once, lose twice and so on.

One thing about gamblers is that they are emotionally attached to their selections which is not good, your mind isn’t at rest until you see the outcome of your stock which isn’t the trading style of successful investors.¬†

It’s high time you stopped getting attached to a particular stock, learn the exact strategies I used to uncover winning stocks to buy and sleep well at night.

When I want to pick my next stock, I really don’t know which stocks to buy until I subject myself to this analysis. In the last 3 years, I have had a simple strategy to picking stocks with over 85-90%% winning rate, this strategy hasn’t failed me, at least I made 250% return in 2017, 165% in 2016. Some of my all-time stock winners were uncovered when I applied the steps shared in this book “The Little Secrets That Make Big Money In The Stock Market.

Some of my best stock winners in 2017:

  • Dangote Sugar – 115%
  • Stanbic IBTC – 76%
  • Zenith Bank – 55%
  • Fidson Healthcare – 85%

I don’t just rush into a stock because an analyst had just placed a buy rating on the stock, if it doesn’t meet my selection criteria, I won’t buy.

Instead of picking dead penny stocks because you heard that they increased from 50k to N1.2, and then wait endlessly for the price to double again, doesn’t it make a whole lot more sense to picks Nigerian stocks that are fundamentally great and outperforming the stock market?

With the strategy I shared in this book, you will reduce the number of stocks you buy, completely avoid losers, and greatly increase your chance of earning passive income from share price appreciation.

Discover How I Pick High-Quality Nigerian Stocks that Have Serious Upside Potential without Complex Arithmetics.

  • Know Why & Which Stocks are Moving Faster than Others.
  • Aim to Capture Short-Term Moves in a Stock Price Using My FREE selected Tools.
  • Look for Profit on 15%-30% Moves on a Consistent Basis
  • Now Includes FREE Access to all tools I use to analyse stocks.
  • The FREE video guide on how I combine these free tools to trade.

If you click “Buy Now” button above, you will pay N7,500, why not take advantage of the yellow button¬†below to save N2,500, invest just N5,000 and get the trading skills to rake in millions from the Nigerian stock market?

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